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With over 30 years of professional window tinting experience Tint Tech can expertly turn your car from a hot house to a cool ride. Using only top quality, scratch resistant window films from the U.S. all work is covered by a 10 year warranty.
If your vehicle has factory privacy glass, we have upgrade films that will add substantial heat and UV rejection to those windows without making them darker than legal. 
Buying a new car? Don't have it tinted by the dealer before you talk to us!
On average, you will be paying around $700 for tint if you have it included with your new car. And that's at least double our price!
Tint Tech is not a franchise, the owner is the operator and the lower overheads mean better value for your money.
If you hadn't noticed. We live and breathe classic cars
Window film doesn't have to be black to block out the harmful UV rays. There are films that are almost clear that still reject more than 99% UV and 55% heat. These films are ideal on factory dark privacy glass that is becoming more common on passenger vehicles.
New laws in WA now allow a darker 20% Visible Light Transmission (VLT) on window glass behind the driver. The front windows are still limited to 35% VLT
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