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​In the harsh Australian sun, window tinting is a necessity on your car. Not just to keep the occupants up to 60% cooler but also to protect the upholstery. New laws have been introduced in WA allowing some windows to be darker than ever before, click to learn more.




​A home or office without window tint will be bombarded by heat and harmful UV Rays which can heat up a room like an oven and fade carpets and furnishings. Airconditioners have to work much harder to cool, and therefore cost a lot more to run.


If you want to make your  car stand out from the crowd or get your business vehicle to work as a mobile billboard then let Tint Tech install some custom vinyl graphics to your vehicle. You can even change the colour of your car for a short term promotion or just for fun.


Thank You so much for tinting my front window. Looks Fantastic & Extremely Happy. Great Job :)

Kel (via Facebook)

I have had many cars tinted by Paul and to be honest he is one of the best in the industry and i guess to date its about 8 or 9 cars he has done and as well and 2 house windows so if you want the job dome correctly and very very professional i can recommend Tint Tech to all and Paul once again thanks for the great work done on all my cars Cheers Brett

Paul has tinted all my cars over the past 5 years, only uses the highest quality film and workmanship... highly recommended.

Sean (via Facebook)

Brett (via Facebook)

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